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Chinese tea culture has a history of thousands of years, which goes along with the civilization development history of human beings,As a Chinese saying,watre is the mother of tea while tea pot is the father of tea.Tea pot is the carrier of tea culture.The delicate tea set,nice tea,as well as tea tasting,are very wonderful enjoyment of life.

Hailea Group was engaging in creative machinery & electrics products,aquatic equipments. Because I enjoyed drinking Gongfu tea since being a child,I became so interested in tea set making that I founded Hailea Kamjove tea set workshop in early 1989,dedicating to the developing,producing and selling of tea set.We always want to combine art to know-how of tea pot,in order to apply all tea art know-how to tea set producing and to create products that contain both the high craftsmanship and practical uses.Each piece of work is made with our sweat and soul.For near two decades Hailea Kamjove has been trying to establish a complete system of tea set.With our persistent effort and involvement,a prototype has eventually come to reality. Furthermore,our products have obtained more than 100 national patents.We have classified all the products into over sixty major series,from kettles to tea pots simple electric tea pots to multifunctional woodcutting art tea sets for tea appreciation;our product series includes almost everything that is needed for tea brewing.However,they may not be the final and there is still room for refinement.We shall contimue to create and develop more tea sets for tea brewing.

President of Guangdong Hailea Group Co.,Ltd.
Chen Junping


Chinese Confucianists classify everything in the world as Five Elements:Metal,Wood,Water,Fire and Earth,Tea Saint of China,Lu Yu thought that the process of tea making was the process during which the Five Elements conditioned and helped each other to maintain equilibrium.The harmonious proportion between the Five Elements, according to ancient Chinese philosophy, contains the har-monious relationship between human being and the nature,person and society, Kamjove Tea Sets,based on traditional Chinese tea culture and our enterprise's philosophy of "Har working,Talents gathering,Innovation and High efficiency",are the crystallization of Five Elements.